Friday, 26 December 2008

eco-japan-cup 2008

Andreas Templin's new videoartwork "as if to nothing" is one of the recipients of this year's eco-japan-cup. The computer-based artwork received one of the runners-up-prizes in the art-category. The prize-ceremony was held in Tokyo on December 12th.

"as if to nothing", 2008, computer-based single-channel videowork with sound

The videowork „as if to nothing“ comprises of a selection of statistical data of the earth and its population. This data, gathered from various governmental sources, displayed in a very specific and subjective interdependency, is combined with the highly dramatic second move of Bruckner‘s 7th symphony which is looped for the screening. This music-piece, a tour-de-force through the human emotions, is used to underline the weight of the subject-matter of this artwork.