Friday, 12 May 2006

12th-15th of May PixelDance Festival Thessaloniki/Greece

On show was "sympathy for the devil", music-videoclip of beginning 2006.


“sympathy for the devil”, 2006. videoclip, DVD single channel, 6.22 mins

“Sympathy for the devil” is a videoclip for the song of the Rolling Stones reissuing the thematics raised by the song in the present.
All footage for this videowork is found and taken from the web.
The web takes the parallel function of a “Pandora´s box” and a “catalogue of human obsessions” for this videowork.
This term first issued by Duchamp, ment in a sense of “designing a catalogue, which could display and fulfill any kown human obsession”)
is the leitmotif for this videowork, which can both be shown in screenings or as single work (looped)
A work about human desire and the contemporary image semantics, an intentional story told with images
trying to grasp into the time “after the end of history” (Fukuyama)

Monday, 1 May 2006

Helsinki video library

exhibition of videoworks, 00130gallery, Helsinki Video Library, Helsinki/Finland

00130gallery took works of mine in their collection. The collection gets exhibited showing to artist's work in the exhibition space. My works were on view during May.