Tuesday, 18 October 2005

18.- 27.10. artists at Viewing Club London/GB

groupshow comprised by Heike Kelter and David Tidball.
With a kind thank you to Ralph Anderson, best host known.

Sunday, 9 October 2005

10.- 14.10. Field of Vision, Institute for New Media, Frankfurt/Main

held by the art-collective Field of Vision, this group-exhibition entitled "Extremes" was held at the Institute for New Media Frankfurt/Main.

Derek Ayres / USA

Paul Dacey / USA

Alison Dalwood / UK

Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet / Cuba / USA / México

The Gao Brothers / China

Iratxe Hernández Simal / Spain

Jenny Kao-Yuan / Taiwan / USA

Günter Ku / Taiwan

Chapman Kuo / Taiwan

Gautam Narang / India / UK

Andrey Vrabchev / Bulgaria

Michael Wright / UK

Stephan Hausmeister / Germany / UK

Field of Vision is a series of events organized by
DIGITAL ART PROJECTS in collaboration with the
Institute for New Media, Frankfurt am Main / Germany
and support from:

• Amt für Wissentschaft und Kunst der Stadt Frankfurt am Main

• a-n The Artist Information Company / UK

• artistsprinting, London / UK

• EAST 05, Norwich School of Art and Design / UK

• Faculty of Art and Design, University of Hertfordshire / UK

• Greenwood Global Media Corp, New York / USA

• Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim, Neuenhaus / Germany

Saturday, 1 October 2005

01.10. Safia Dickersbach presents "Monument for Donatella Versace"

On the occasion of Artforum Berlin, Safia Dickersbach art management and pr presented "Monument for Donatella Versace", an installative mixed media work with performative elements near the legendary Paris bar in Berlin