Tuesday, 24 July 2007

synch-festival Athens shows "top ten"

Next to the work "sympathy for the devil", which was shown as a videoinstallation, a new work of Andreas Templin for the public space was produced with the synch-festival named "top ten". The work consists of ten flags featuring the names of the top-earners of 2006. One of the flags is now part of the collection of the Athens Festival.
The exhibition was curated by Alexandra Landré and Antonis Pittas.
The programme of the festival can be found at www.synch.gr

press release:
The realm of schizoidity, doubleness and irrationality, is what Templin tries to grasp in his work, taking into consideration the possible interplays of these domain.
With his project “Top Ten”, Templin designed an intervention based on the names of the top-earners of 2006. The people leading this list made up to $ 1.5 - 2 billions as an income in 2006 (by being the director of various hedge funds). These flags and displays, visually orientated on Pop-Art, Art & Language and visuals of pop-cultural movements, will be installed at the venue surrounding the exhibition space and be part of the exhibition.

“With this work I want to illustrate and to create dialogue. In my opinion the viewers should be able to evaluate by themselves and not be indulged to judge from a preoccupied position. The question of this work is: What is happening there within the concept of globalisation?”
– Andreas Templin –

In “Sympathy For The Devil”, Templin plays with the visual material he found online, of individuals to commemorate a personal historic moment. The circumstances of the snapshot can range from an innocent and playful group meeting to sheer violence. The arrangement made by Templin manipulates the original narrative of the source material and questions the fetishizing potential of human beings.

installation view "sympathy for the devil", 2006

Monday, 2 July 2007

Andreas Templin winner of EGOART-prize 2006

The work nominated for the competition was "Monument for Donatella Versace", an installative mixed-media work with performative elements of the year 2005. The art-group "EGOART" hands out this prize. They state about it: "The prize is focused on contemporary art and also has the ambition to encourage projects with unconventional character even if those works would cross the frame of the established ethical, social or sociological rules."
exhibition on view at Bastart gallery, Bratislava/Slovakia. Please check www.egoart.sk for details

"Monument for Donatella Versace" in Berlin on the occasion of Artforum 2005, presented by Safia Dickersbach art management and pr, photography by Sven Meurer

On this occasion I would like to thank especially:
Version Festival Chicago, Doug vander Hoof, Safia Dickersbach, Sven Meurer, Christin Aileen Spiess and Magistrale Berlin