Saturday, 3 November 2007

W139 Amsterdam: C.A.R.L. Center for the Advancement of Recreation and Leisure

Eric von Robertson's solo-exhibition with colllaborative- and guestworks by Andreas Templin.
W139, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

installation of "huge green cat", wallpaper-work by Andreas Templin in a magic mushroom-environment by Eric von Robertson.

This work of Eric von Robertson is wearing a sweater designed by him for a public space work developed in Tiblisi, where a few of these specially designed sweaters, assigned with certain meanings and functionalities, have been worn by stray dogs.
It is carrying a MP3-player featuring an Amsterdam-street-version of "Andreas Templin plays Bach", which will be launched as a vinyl-record-edition with spatial display in 2008.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

UNICEF-workshop held in Mumbai/India

End October Andreas Templin held a film-workshop for UNICEF in Mumbai/India together with Aukje Dekker in the framework of the theoneminutes-foundation. The nineteen films made with kids from different social backgrounds will be on display at Dubai International Film Festival 2007.