Thursday, 21 October 2010

in progress: the Hoorn constellations

Andreas Templin and Andreas L. Hofbauer currently conduct a research-project at HMK Hoorn

'Systemic constellation' or simple 'constellation' labels a process related tool, which is used both in a therapeutic field and as a decision model for several areas of application such as script writing or management agendas. Noninvolved proxies or agents re-enact in a special environment (unconscious and unknown) relations of influence, power, dependency, domination and so on in certain time and space frames. 
„The Hoorn constellations“ pays no interest on such benchmarks, ideological or therapeutic, to optimize whatsoever. In fact it is an operational system. Communications as operations generate social systems. Elements (institutions, complex positions like „artist“, „museum“, „artwork“ etc.) communicate here and generate / mirror in doing so the homeostasis of the artworld which transforms itself in a sort of homeodynamics of the conditions of production, representation and economics of art (the state of contemporary art).

In a neutral space (white cube) a kind of dance is staged. The choreography follows the dynamic questionnaire of the public enquirers, who ask their questions in advance. The questions shall be a public reflection on the production, representation and economy conditions of art in all areas. From the fabrication of an art piece, its public representation to its marketing and branding at present and in the future. Variable arrangements of systemic constellation and interaction are staged as a field of vision, which become a contemporary critical tool of understanding. 

The constellations of these questions have been filmed with two hd-cameras, which will develop (with interviews of the agents) to single-channel videoworks. 

Monday, 11 October 2010

Andreas Templin at Vimeo Festival

Vimeo Festival & Awards
 invited a recognition of a video-installation by Andreas Templin as part of this year's screenings held October 8th & 9th at selected locations in NYC.