Saturday, 22 April 2006

Luminale 06, Frankfurt/Main Germany

In cooperation with LIC Hamburg and designer Heinrich Fiedeler Wiesbaden, 22. – 27.04. In this cooperation with Heinrich Fiedeler and LIC Hamburg I developed works for the light-boxes in the lobby of a fancy Frankfurt hotel. Here you can see two of them.

Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Andreas Templin plays Bach

first pieces of "Andreas Templin plays Bach" presented by maksverlag/München, evenings held in Stuttgart (04.04.) and Tübingen (11.04.).


Treatment „Andreas Templin plays Bach”, 2006/07
installative soundwork, vinyl record and spatial display

What is it about?

Recording of new versions of piano piece by Johann Sebastian Bach.
The whole album will be entirely whistled by Andreas Templin.
The recording will be distributed as an edition of 10 on vinyl.
The photographed cover of the LP will be available as a spatial display in an edition of 5 pieces as well.


The project is being realized since October 2006. First recording sessions are already completed.
The presentation of the new recording is planned as an opening in the form of a record release party.


After being busy with playing piano for 15 years myself, and by that, being busy with the classical music literature most of that time either, I became aware, that I would start to interprete the music I was busy with on the piano by whistling it.
Since I stopped having fascination with the classical piano literature and its constant repetition on the piano a few years ago, the only thing that is left apart from listening to it are the whistled interpretations.
Due to the yearlong „practice“ of whistled interpretations a similar character developed than it is reached by a yearlong practice on another instrument.
Now I am ready to provide a substantially new and authentic interpretation of Bach by bringing his music from the concert hall to the street level.

As John Cage, I find „a piece of Chopin sounding from a half-opened window mixed with street sounds“ far more interesting than its interpretation in a concert hall.
I like the idea of bringing such a complex piece of music to a sort of „street-level“ and to try to rejuvenate the interpretational concept of classical music within a work of contemporary art.
The cover and the displays will adopt the visual style of the CBS-Classical- covers of the 70ties-80ties. It will feature a portrait photograph of Andreas Templin done by an internationally well known photographer in this area.

Andreas Templin 2004/05