Friday, 11 November 2005

RE-ESCAPE, Hamburg/Germany

11.11.- 27.11.

"In November 2005, there will be installations, sculptures, exhibitions and actions as well as films in different places of the city of Hamburg. The participants are young artists from Hamburg and internationally acknowledged artists.

Spaces which appear strange to the normal user of the city or which have withdrawn from his disposal, or where overfunctionalized regimentations of use imply latent manipulation, mesures and concepts put in concrete terms are practised for general re-vitalization and prevention of town planning faux-pas. Furthermore, different anti-regression mechanisms, exploit left-overs of quality of life, exit scenarios, utopian wrong tracks and inner migration schemes will lead to camp building in urban space."

Participating artists included: John Bock, Manfred Pernice, Luke Fowler and many others.
My work was part of the presentation of Viewing Club held in a bar at the Elbterrassen.