Friday, 26 December 2008

"as if to nothing", Zendai-Museum of Modern Art Shanghai "Intrude: Art & Life 366"

Andreas Templin's videoartwork "as if to nothing" was exhibited in Shanghai's Zendai-MoMA's serie "Intrude: Art& Life 366". Next to a public screening in the inner-city of Shanghai on December 16th (pictures to follow) the artwork will also be own view at different screens in public space of Shanghai till the end of the year.

Videomedeja 2008

Andreas Templin's artwork "as if to nothing" was selected for this year's edition of the Novi-Sad based festival Videomedeja
It was on view as a large-scale installation at Studio M, Novi-Sad/Serbia, 12.12.- 14.12.2008.

eco-japan-cup 2008

Andreas Templin's new videoartwork "as if to nothing" is one of the recipients of this year's eco-japan-cup. The computer-based artwork received one of the runners-up-prizes in the art-category. The prize-ceremony was held in Tokyo on December 12th.

"as if to nothing", 2008, computer-based single-channel videowork with sound

The videowork „as if to nothing“ comprises of a selection of statistical data of the earth and its population. This data, gathered from various governmental sources, displayed in a very specific and subjective interdependency, is combined with the highly dramatic second move of Bruckner‘s 7th symphony which is looped for the screening. This music-piece, a tour-de-force through the human emotions, is used to underline the weight of the subject-matter of this artwork.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

"as if to nothing" at International Forum Art Tech Media Cordoba 0.8

Andreas Templin's artwork "as if to nothing" was exhibited at this year's international forum Art Tech Media in Cordoba/Spain.
Next to the annual international conference, a wide array of media- and new-media artworks were shown across four locations in the inner city of Cordoba.